One Year Ago Today: Avett Brothers inducted into NC Music Hall of Fame

On October 20, 2016, The Avett Brothers were inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.  My family and I attended the VIP reception and the concert.  I intended to just post a few pictures of the ceremony since Tim reminded us this morning that today is the one year anniversary, but as I was going through my pictures I realized that half of this post was going to have to be about my son Riley.

The VIP reception will unfortunately be remembered most because the band did not attend.  The marketing by the NC Music Hall of Fame was a little confusing and did say that it would include a “meet and greet” but never said anything specific about The Avett Brothers attending the reception.  I told both of my boys on the way there that they shouldn’t get their hopes up that the band would attend, that it was still going to be a fun reception and concert.  It definitely was.  Jim and Susie were there, as well as Bonnie and her kids.  Riley got to meet Jim and Susie for the first time, and I cannot be disappointed in any evening that involves getting to say hello to Susie Avett.  Also, the food was really good and we got to hang out with Carey and Ed Rongitsch!

There were, however, a number of people who had expected the band to attend and were very disappointed.  As a result of the confusion, even though the idea that the reception was going to be a meet and greet was never communicated to the band or management, the band hosted a marathon meet and greet in Kannapolis in December.  More on that at the bottom of this post.

The ceremony was a great night of music (The Carolina Chocolate Drops!) and personally it was great because Joe signed (and had Bob and Seth sign) the set list that he had given Riley at the Knoxville Legendary Giveback concert the previous year.  Riley’s picture with Joe even got in the local paper.  Riley also got to wear a Pink Floyd t-shirt with a suit. It was a winning day for him.

2016-10-21 11.20.16


Here are some pictures of the program handed out at the ceremony and pictures from the ceremony itself.


The band started out in suits.

Version 3

Scott and Seth didn’t make it through the first song with their jackets on.






Version 2


Scott was originally given Seth’s plaque and Seth was given Scott’s.  My picture isn’t close enough to see if this is before or after they switched.  I think Crackerfarm got some pics with them switched.


They seemed genuinely surprised and honored by the announcement that these signs would be installed at the borders of the county.  However, I drove through Cabarrus County on Sunday on 85 and can report that the sign isn’t up yet.






Until I went to grab the pictures for this piece, I had completely forgotten that Riley had written a note to the band that he gave to Susie at the VIP reception.  If they could decipher his creative spelling, I’m sure they were very impressed that he could play a little bit of Jenny and the Summer Day. 


Although Riley didn’t get to meet any of the band that night besides Joe, he did take a fairly epic selfie with them at the December meet and greet.  And Scott added the last signature to his Knoxville set list.  Another great day for Riley.


More on the December meet and greet when we hit the one year anniversary.