The Ultimate November Blue Playlist (2002-2017)

Last December, long before Tim and I started Avett News, I wrote a post on my other blog called “The Ultimate November Blue Playlist” because: (1) it is my favorite song, and (2) I could.  Now that the band has started playing a new version of the song with Seth on piano, I thought it was a good time to update and republish the post on Avett News.  I have selected 28 versions [updated: 29 versions!] of November Blue from the original music video in 2002 to their performance on Sunday in Clearwater, Florida.  I couldn’t find anything from 2003-2005, so please let me know if you know of something I missed.

My favorite versions are: (1) 2015 Dallas; (2) 2017 Wisconsin Public Radio; (3) 2010 Cologne; and (4) the original studio version.

[Disclaimer: this isn’t really the “ultimate” November Blue playlist.  If you have other favorite versions, please let me know so I can continue to improve it!]  Enjoy!

If you prefer to watch all 28 videos [updated: 29 videos] in a single YouTube playlist, you can find it here:


For each individual video (and a little personal commentary on some):

Studio version: Country Was (2002)

Wine Vault (Summer 2002)  November Blue starts at 3:49.


Live at the Double Door Inn (2002)

Seth: “We have a CD for sale tonight called Country Was.  Eight songs, eight dollars.  Will, you do the math.  That’s country math right there.  A dollar a song.  We were going to charge ten dollars for eight songs but then nobody would have been able to do the math. … This song is worth about a dollar”No Seth, it is worth way way more than a dollar!


Winston-Salem, NC (June 16, 2006)

Four years before we moved to Winston-Salem.  Can’t believe they played Ribfest.


Pickathon Music Festival (2006)


Saint Louis, Missouri (5-6-2008)


New York City (7-9-2008)


Scott solo via Crackerfarm (3-26-2008)


Electric Factory, Philadelphia (10-16-2009)


Athens, Ohio (2-24-2010)


Smokies Stadium, Kodak, TN (10-7-2011)


Sacramento, CA (6-24-2012)


St. Louis, MO (9-29-2012)

Thank you to Tim for the heads up about this version in which Bob, Scott, and Seth perform around the condenser mic.  A beautiful and unusual version!


Cologne, Germany (3-22-2013)


Columbus, Ohio (5-25-2013)


Troutdale, Oregon (9-6-2014)


Dallas, Texas (2-28-2015)

My favorite version of all time, hands down.  I love everything about this version.


Red Rocks (7-11-2015)


Lewiston, New York (9-19-2015)


Boston Calling (9-25-2015)

I was actually in Boston that night, but went to go see Ed Sheeran and Passenger at Foxboro.  Don’t judge.  I was slightly conflicted but Passenger rarely plays in the United States and it was the last date on Sheeran’s tour and I’d never seen him live.  And then TAB played November Blue.  Message received.


Memphis, TN (12-5-2015)

Riley and I went to Knoxville the night before and had front row seats.  He had a birthday party the next day in Winston-Salem so we couldn’t go to Memphis.  Then TAB played November Blue.  I’m not bitter.


Chicago Theatre (4-21-2015)


Alpharetta, GA (5-7-2016)

I decided to see Brandi Carlile and Old Crow in Greensboro that night instead of driving to Georgia.  So of course TAB played November Blue.  At this point I despaired whether I’d ever get to see it live.


Red Rocks (7-30-2016)

First time at Red Rocks and first time I got to hear November Blue live!!!  Only minimal number of people inappropriately whooping during the song!


Columbus, OH (9-9-2016)


Indianapolis, IN (11-4-2016)

The second time I got to hear it live was in my hometown!!!  No video but there is audio.

November Blue


Grand Rapids (11-12-2016)


Richmond (3-11-2017)  November Blue starts at 9:00

I met the band for the second time at a radio station meet and greet in Richmond earlier that day.  I was pretty much an idiot when I met them in December so this time I planned what I was going to say.  “If you haven’t already made the set list for tonight, please play November Blue.”  And then they did.  I was pretty happy.


Between the Waves Conference for Songwriters and Musicians (June 2017)

This version defies everything that I love about the 2015 Dallas version — no little asides from Scott, no dramatic rise at the end.  And yet, I love it.  LOVE IT.


Clearwater, Florida (October 22, 2017)

Seth on piano.  Note that Scott plays with the melody around the 3:25 mark.  Beautiful if you can tune out the people who are talking the whole way through.  WHO TALKS OVER NOVEMBER BLUE??

Hey guys, if you decide to play November Blue in Asheville this weekend, we won’t talk.  I promise!


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