(Not a Recap) of Chicago, Night 1

This is not a recap.  I’m in North Carolina this weekend.  But some generous folks including DCRANGERFAN posted videos from last night, so we can experience some of the highlights.  This post will be updated if more videos are posted. 

We should start with the poster, designed by Charles Crisler of 27 Design Co of the great city of Indianapolis, Indiana.


Tim Mossberger has published the actual set list over on As My Life Turns to A Song:

You Don’t Know How it Feels (cover)

Will You Return?

February Seven

Satan Pulls the Strings

Skin and Bones

Paranoia in Bb Major

You are Mine

Just Be Simple (cover)

Tear Down the House

Ain’t No Man 

True Sadness


Victims of Life 

Down with the Shine

Go to Sleep 

Another is Waiting 

All My Mistakes 

Jump in the Line 

I Wish I Was 

Backwards with Time 

Live and Die 

Laundry Room 

Old Joe Clark 


The Perfect Space 

I Shall Be Released (cover)