New Year’s Eve show data

With the New Year’s Eve show coming up this weekend in Raleigh, I thought it’d be fun to look at past New Year’s Eve shows and setlists. Thanks, as always, to Tim Mossberger and Paul Oehler indispensable November Blue database.

First things first: We have data for 12 New Year’s Eve shows. We don’t have the setlist for first NYE show in 2004 and only have a partial setlist for 2005. Those first NYE shows were in Charlotte at the Neighborhood Theater.


In all, the band has played 118 songs at least once on New Year’s Eve. There have been 292 song performances.

Let’s start basic — what song has the band played the most on New Year’s Eve?

The answer … is four songs:

Now, let’s look at it by album. How much of each of their studio albums have they played on New Year’s Eve?

So the band has never played a song off their self-titled album on NYE. By contrast, “It Goes On and On” is the only song from “I and Love and You” that they have not played at least once on NYE.

Finally, how about album shares? The Avett Brothers have performed 292 songs in their 12 New Year’s Eve shows since 2005. This breaks down the performances by album.

In other words, a shade over 18 percent of the band’s New Year’s Eve setlists in 12 years have been songs from Emotionalism. The biggest surprise is that covers have made up 14 percent of all songs played on New Year’s Eve.

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