What was your favorite Avett moment of 2017?

We’re working on a thorough recap of 2017—Avett style—and we want you to be a part of it.  Leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook page (@AvettNews) telling us your favorite moment of 2017.  Feel free to link to a video or post a photo if you so desire.  We will randomly send at least 25 extra-special limited edition bookmarks (see image below) to those who contribute their favorite moments.

I’ll start us off:  there were a lot of great Avett moments in 2017, but I think my favorite was watching them play Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on January 20th.  It was a complete surprise, they sounded fantastic, and it was exactly what my soul needed.



  1. By far the best moment for me was being able to attend the premiere of May It Last in Austin in March. Being able to not only see the film, but to be in the theater with the band while they watched it too, was truly special. And then a concert after as well. And all for free for being a guild member? Amazing.

  2. I agree ‘Give Me Love Give Me Peace on Earth’ on Colbert was incredibly powerful and healing for me. Not only hearing them play it, but listening to it with other fAvetts across the country while we were all on FB together made me feel some hope I hadn’t felt all day. And then hearing it live in Port Chester together with more fAvetts was perfectly amazing!

  3. My favorite moment was attending the SXSW premier of May It Last (one of the lucky few chosen by the Guild). After the movie the boys performed Fisher Road to Hollywood. It was such an intimate performance, just the four of them, and the sound was beautiful. The boys answered questions and were humble and genuine, I was both impressed and intrigued. I was a new Avett fan and I knew at that moment I had stumbled upon a very special, unique group and I was going to see them as much as I could. I have not been disappointed 🙂

  4. Just one? The Fox shows in Atlanta. It was a homecoming for me & by far the BEST shows I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Getting to see May It Last is a very close second.

  5. There are so many Avetty moments that have been important to me this year, but none will top when I heard “Through My Prayers” in Asheville, NC. This song is my song to my brother, who passed away in 2008. I live in CT but grew up in Asheville. My fiancé proposed to me the Sunday before we left, so this was the ultimate moment for me: honoring my past, present, and future all in one moment. I felt so blessed to have loved so much and to receive so much love and to have it all culminate to this moment. Not to mention I was mere feet away from the brothers!

  6. Well my favourite 2017 Avett moment would have to have been our second Avett encounter in Mexico, and the opportunity to meet special new life friends. Such a pleasure to see them perform for three nights and to hear all of my favourite songs.
    Then 2017 wrapped up with the honour of being able to contribute to the Say Love book, thanks to you Tanya Marsh.
    Since discovering the band in 2016, I have had so much joy, from endlessly trying to spread the word of their thoughtfulness and talent, to learning so many of their songs on my piano and singing along, and while waiting for them to return to Canada, convincing my husband to attend long distance concerts.
    Say love and Amen.
    Thanks for the music!❤️

  7. There were so many great moments in 2017 for me, but my favorite has to be from Asheville. My daughter Phoebe got a hug from Seth when he ran up in the seats during Ain’t No Man on night 1. Oh course I was too slow to capture it on my phone, but she was so excited and it’s something she’ll never forget!

    1. Carol, I got to touch Seth’s arm during his run into the audience that night. I’m sure I was just as excited as your little one and I am 75 years old.

  8. MY fav moment from 2017 was at their performance in Austin TX #SXSW and Scott did his guitar toss at the end of #SFOS at the Moody Theater.

  9. Sooo many this year! Like several others have mentioned, seeing them at SXSW at the premiere of May It Last was truly amazing. Then getting to high 5 Scott when he jumped off the stage and came tearing through the crowd at The Gorge. Lastly, at the show in Bend the night before the Gorge when they played Blackhole Sun, followed by No Hard Feelings. I was openly weeping. It was so moving. I love those boys!

  10. The weekend in Asheville last month was great – Avett fans everywhere! But the most memorable event this year for me was seeing the documentary May it Last and the concert following it during SXSW in Austin. That being said, NYE in the pit in Raleigh will be very interesting, I’m sure! (Tried to post a little video from the Moody Theater; no luck.)

  11. 2017 has been a banner Avett year for me. Not only did I discover how deeply my love for this music runs, I’ve also made some really incredible friends within the Nation, the Guild and beyond. With one final show set for the year (NYE) I even have the potential for some really big Avett moments still to come. That being said, I can say with much certainty that this is the top of the tops for me.

    “If you have love in your heart let it show while you can” no single lyric has or will ever elicit as strong of an emotional reaction as this lyric. For those of us tethered to this song, it’s one of heartache and longing. I was chasing that song at Tampa and had hopes for Pompano. Alas, they did not play it at either venue… what they did was so much more special.

    At Pompano I arrived at EE 4 hours early (even though the venue was assigned seating and South Florida isn’t known to have an excessive presence). It’s an open amphitheater venue so I was gifted with my own personal, private sound check under as I sat outside venue. It was one of the very rare “cooler” days in South Florida so I parked my butt on a bench and enjoyed the music in complete bliss.

    And wouldn’t you know it… they played it, they played Through MY Prayers. I sat there by myself under the trees, singing, crying, and enjoying what will forever be my most perfect Avett moment. What made it even more extraordinary was the fact that they didn’t play it that evening. They rehearsed it and I was the lucky one that got to have that performance all to herself.

  12. Watching Joe record the crowd from the side of the stage during “Shame” the first song at Red Rocks on Sunday. Then watching the replay and knowing exactly where I was sitting (well, not sitting!)

  13. I was so lucky to have seen them 4 times in 2017, not counting this NYE. Meeting so many wonderful fans and hearing “The Offering” in Richmond at the National in March. I’m pretty sure I gasped out loud when I heard the beginnings of “Pretty Girl at the Airport” at the Cap in Port Chester.

  14. Seeing the “About Face” exhibit and the discussion afterwards at Southampton was amazing. Plus the acoustic set with G.E. Smith!

    So many good shows in the Northeast too – Port Chester and Tanglewood being stand outs!

  15. Saturday night Red Rocks, Pretty Girl at the Airport with the wind blowing through, simply beautiful.

  16. I loved seeing them on Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, but for me the best was going to my first Avett Brothers concert in St Augustine on October 20th. May it be the first of many.

  17. It was a very Avett year for me. Five shows starting with High Water (catwalk access granted by a friend who was working the festival), then 2 nights at Red Rocks (life changing, epic, amazing) and 2 nights in Asheville for the first time. Oh, and May It Last wedged in between (with poster secured from local theatre). Clearly The Brothers were a huge part of my year of grieving the loss of my mom. Avett Mail received the day before her funeral with the words “the sun will rise, the day will come and we’ll be fine” became my mantra for healing. “No Hard Feelings” echoed thoughts relating to mom in hopes of a life well lived. Thanks to Avett Nation and friends made along the way of this journey we call life.

  18. My best moment from 2017 was my first time seeing them live in March at the Sun Dome in Tampa. They opened with George Harrison’s Give Me Peace. That performance hooked me for life!

  19. Probably one of my favorite Avett moments of 2017 was seeing them at Stir Cove in October. The stage is on the backside of the hotel outdoors, and they were soundchecking when we arrived. We stopped and listened by the fence for a few minutes before dropping my wife off at the front to get checked into our room. I was getting ready to drive a buddy down the road to the hotel that he was staying at for the night. He and I drove around back one more time to listen and peek over the fence. About that time I get a text from my wife saying that she might just stay in the hotel room for the concert. Before I could ask her if she was out of her mind, I said “wait. Is our room on the backside of the hotel?!” Sure enough, she texts me that it is and that we are on the second floor and that she is looking right at the boys and pretty much has a front row seat for soundcheck! My buddy and I raced back into the hotel and sat in the comfort of the room and enjoyed a wonderful sound check! It was like getting to see two TAB shows for the price of one!

  20. The magical performance at the Britt in Oregon was one of my highlights of the year- a two foot tall stage and and only two feet of AstroTurf between us and the band…
    But my best memory is the Flagstaff show. Great friends were made in our all day line sit and then we were gifted an amazing show where we were so close, we had to lift our hands when the mic was set for the solo/duo numbers. Then to top it off, we got to yell happy birthday to Mike and it turns out no one in the band had realized he had even had a birthday that week!

  21. My favorite Avett moment in 2017? My very first show on October 27 in Asheville. This was also my wedding anniversary. My husband, who DETESTS concerts, agreed to take me for both nights!! Every moment was amazing! I hope there will be many more shows ahead!

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