Avetts at the Beach Recap Night 2 (Part 1–The Road to Now)

The Avett Brothers finished playing at midnight last night and like a responsible person, I headed directly to bed…only to find that my husband and son had run into Ben Sawyer (co-host of The Road to Now) and his wife Kelly in the comfy sofa things at the back of the concert courtyard. So Matt and I joined them and spent an hour talking about the funny shapes of different historical politicians heads, among other important topics. Ben and Riley also got to enjoy crepes at nearly 1am.

So the next morning we slept in a bit, which meant that our morning stroll around the property to find monkeys (later than the day before) was frustrating until the very end. (Can you see the monkeys in the tree?)

Blane and Riley then headed to swim and snorkel and I laid claim to a shady lounger chair next to the Hacienda lagoon. This gave me a perfect location to watch The Road to Now taping at 2:30pm. Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford were joined by Bruce Carlson of the podcast My History Can Beat Up Your Politics to talk about the history of U.S./Mexican relations.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but it was a great topic given our current political debates and our location. Suffice it to say that the history of relations between these two neighboring countries is complicated. Our histories and destinies are intertwined, but we have been alternately rivals and friends since the beginning.

If you haven’t listened to The Road to Now yet, definitely check it out. Bob and Ben have the ability to relate historical facts in a way that is engaging and relaxed. They are also both thoughtful and funny. For example:

“We got rid of Nazis! I think we should all clap for that!”

If you want to understand the context of that statement, you need to listen to the episode. If you want to listen to the episode, I believe they said it would only be available to supporters through their Patreon page. Become a supporter of The Road to Now and you may get some cool merch like the shirt that Riley is wearing (which you can’t see in the picture below). He’s auditioning to become their mascot.

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