Coming Soon: Very Limited Edition Avett Guitar String Bracelets for Charity

A good friend of mine is gearing up to launch a fundraising drive for a particular charity. Several people in Avett World have volunteered to help, so stay tuned for announcements of some cool exclusive stuff.

For example, Jim arranged to get Scott’s banjo strings and Seth’s guitar strings from the Beach to make some bracelets like the ones pictured below. (Given how many strings we have there will probably be two Seth bracelets, two Scott bracelets, and two bracelets featuring one string from each instrument).

We want to maximize the fundraising, so I’d love your thoughts on the best way to offer up these bracelets. A raffle (say $5 a ticket)? A sale on a first come, first served basis? An auction? I’m leaning towards raffle but it’d be helpful to know if people would be interested.



  1. This is a wonderful idea! A great way to raise money for a charity while cutting down on the waste of something that would typically be thrown away. I love this!

  2. Raffle would be good. It would allow more people to get in on it and have a chance to win. You could mix it up if you think an auction would get more money for charity. Maybe one of each and see which raises more.

  3. I think a raffle would be fair to everyone. I know some fans are on tight budgets and having to bid in an auction would leave a lot of them out. Maybe you could do $3 for one raffle ticket and $5 for two raffle tickets? But make sure to put a limit on the number of tickets an individual can purchase. Again, you have those that may only be able to afford one ticket and others who could buy twenty plus tickets.

  4. This whole idea is brilliant — raffle I think is the way to go just to give some folks who may not be able to break the bank the opportunity to donate to a charity and have the chance at some pretty awesometastic jewelry pieces. Just my two cents. 🙂

  5. Raffle! I would definitely buy multiple tickets and feel that it would raise more $ because everyone would probably buy at least one!

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